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Complete Guide to Motorcycle Accessories and Parts

Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle accessories are gaining center stage in today’s flashy world. So many bike accessories are available in the market that can help your bike stand out in any crowd. Some of these accessories are optional and are restricted in some states while others are essential for the smooth functioning of one’s bike.

Safety accessories are at the top the list; they are the prerequisites that one should definitely have upon purchasing a bike or maybe even before. A good quality helmet is a definite must for a bike rider; not wearing a helmet can get you sued in some countries even. Helmets can be a style statement as they are available in different varieties (shape, color, sizes, and designs). Safety and personal style should be on one’s mind while purchasing the right helmet.

There are other bike accessories available in the market as well; however buying them is not a compulsion. Accessories for your motorcycle such as goggles, knee caps, gloves, chaps, fire resistant riding suits etc are some of the other accessories available. Purchasing rainwear can prove to be a smart choice. All these accessories help enhance one’s riding experience.

Motorcycle backpacks are a good idea if you make several short trips on your bike. There is other travel gear, such as leather pouches, that can be attached to your bike, most of which are removable and can be used conveniently only when required while traveling to far off places.

To make the ride on your bike an easy and comfortable one, you should make sure that YOU are comfortable. It’s no use to have the best accessories with discomfort attached to it. If you often have a passenger on your bike, getting a backrest bar would prove to be a very wise decision. Long rides can get your legs all cramped up and to alleviate this condition, getting an additional set of foot pegs on the front of the bike helps keep your legs stretched and comfortable throughout the ride.

Decals are commonly used bike accessories to customize the look of one’s bike. The markets are flooded with various types and designs of decals that are sure to make your bike stand out in accordance to your style. An alternative for decals can be a custom design painted on your bike. Chrome pieces are also available to replace the standard ones on your bike with.

It is not very difficult to find motorcycle accessories; you can even request catalogs from the motorcycle manufacturers to get a broader idea of the same. The Internet is the best place to find unlimited information, examples, designs, varieties etc on this topic. Choosing the accessory for your bike is mainly dependent on personal style and you must invest only in good quality products that offer style as well as durability, settling for a cheap gimmick may save you a few bucks but they are useless if they do not offer any durability and aren’t safe.

Motorcycle Parts

An uncomfortable ride on your bike may be a result of your riding technique bundled with a combination of other faulty parts of your bike. There are always a few motorcycle parts, which require regular servicing and some occasional adjustments and replacements. Since all the maintenance aspects of a bike are concentrated on motorcycles, it is very important to know when a particular part needs replacement, for instance Motorcycle Tail Lights, chains and sprockets or even the brake pads.

Motorcycle Brake Levers from

Brake pad wear is really a subject of one’s riding style along with one’s equilibrium and posture. There are two kinds of brake pads, GG and HH, both bearing different characteristics from the other. HH exhibits more power to stop under a given force. However it is felt by some riders that HH pads wear out the brake rotors more promptly since they are somewhat “grabby”.

Bikes are lighter weight machines and hence it would be a big mistake to place the HH bikes on the back of your bike and GG brake pads in the front. A comfortable ride would mean having these brake pads placed the other way round. It should be however noted that the new model sports bikes should only use HH brake pads. Always follow the company manual.

Sprockets and chains have always been in major question and a lot of incorrect information is out there. Sometimes even a manufacturer cannot provide correct information; hence one should be aware that self-education on matters of maintenance and repair is key. The most popular question asked by almost all bike riders is if the X-ring lasts longer than an O-ring, or rather which one is comparatively better. The answer lies in the hands of the rider himself. It actually depends on the riding style, the usage of the bike and weight of the rider. Correct and proper lubrication of chains for every specific weather condition can ensure a good ride with either of the rings.

Motorcycle parts easily wear out. A stunt maniac who constantly performs different stunts like a wheelies, burnouts, etc would have to take extra care of his bike as his brake pads can tear, the chain and sprockets can get completely damaged if not properly oiled or if neglected. To enjoy a comfortable ride one has to take timely and proper care of even the most minute parts of the bike.