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The ATV, Mean Machine

Want to tame the devil himself? Thinking about owning the ultimate monster on road? Well that’s what should go through your mind if you intend on purchasing an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). As the name suggests it can surpass any kind of terrain, coarse, marshy, uneven…name it, and the ATV can pass right through it! Suitable for use in the lumber, or oil industry, hunting or for recreation. You can get a convenient four stroke engine with aggressive off road tires, all wheel drive, and carrying racks.

Maintaining this machine is not an easy task, and modifying it poses another challenge equal to the one you would’ve faced while buying it. For instance, purchasing tires for your ATV requires a lot of consideration; there are too many brands flooded in the market that are specially designed to fit your ATV. However, it is human nature to save and go for a good bargain deal. With the help of the internet, price and quality comparisons can be done which can help you pick the best there is to offer. In a typical ATV, tires perform multiple roles that include transmission of traction to the road surface, supporting the chassis of the vehicle, and absorbing the shocks from the surface. With some research, you can find the tire for you that fits within your budget without compromising the quality of the tires.

Depending on what kind of terrain you plan to use your ATV most on, tires should be selected, specific for its type. For instance mud tires have wide-spaced irregular-treads for maximum grip in muddy conditions. Snow tires are designed to be used on snow and ice. Racing tires have a wide-profile with small, square treads evenly spaced for better racing experience. If you've just gotten yourself some new Mini ATV tires, you should always mount the Mini ATV tires rims with bead seat safety humps.

ATV ChainsPurchasing and installing ATV chains can prove to be a smart way to enhance safety and security measures; this however depends on the individual if he wants two or four link spacing. On the purchase of any accessory please ensure the source that you are buying it from is well versed with the technical specifications.

Second hand ATV’s are also a good option to reduce the cost of purchase; you can get yourself a second hand ATV directly through a local dealer or find best suited deals online. Critical care should be taken on purchase of a second hand ATV; it has to be thoroughly checked by a competent mechanic before it’s purchased so as to detect and replace any defects. Unfortunately, no matter how efficient the mechanic may be, he may not be able to find out how stressed and close to the breaking point some parts may be. So be warned, the online market is very advanced, an ATV enthusiast from one corner of the world can purchase his very own ATV from another corner of the globe as online business owners have the advantage of selling ATV’s in almost any condition on their websites without the need to literally keep it in the ware house.

ATV Grips from D2Moto.comAccessories like ATV grips or thumb grips are necessary to avoid soreness and tiredness of the thumbs. When it comes down to such accessories being brand conscious is not all that important, however you should check the credibility of the seller, taking opinion from the other buyers can prove insightful. Never choose price over quality.

ATV’s are becoming very popular among the youth, especially in certain geographical areas. It’s the parents responsibility to teach their children all they need to know about ATV’s before embarking them on the adventure, as many cases of accidents have been recorded of ATV’s being hit by trucks, a majority of these deaths and accidents have happened to children. Almost 4,000 people die every year due to ATV accidents and over 60,000 people get severely injured which include broken bones and non-break injuries to the knees, elbows and ankles Before gifting your child an ATV make sure you have the confidence in them first.

Having your own ATV can be a lot of fun and excitement, it can prove to be an adventure of a life time, but please remember this motto – SAFETY FIRST! Timely maintenance and servicing is required to keep your ATV hassle free and reduce the chances of accidents. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Accessories for your ATV

Owning this mean machine could be one’s wildest fantasy. As adventurous as ATV ownership may seem, the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) comes with a list of ATV Accessories, which one might consider for enhancing your new toy with safety and ease. They are as follows:


ATV Lift Kits and PartsLift Kit gives the vehicle a higher profile, in the case of an ATV, suspension lifts are required. On the installation of a suspension lift kit the wheel wells ride higher thus making provision for bigger tires. In short, the ATV lift kits help gain more ground clearance. One disappointing fact is the legal issues involved as some laws state certain constraints on the heights and placement of bumpers.

ATV Trailers

The ATV Trailers help to transport your vehicle to the place where it will be driven. It is advisable to have an ATV trailer as in many states in the U.S, driving an ATV is prohibited. The trailer should have firm frameworks to maintain the ATV in its position while in transit. The common trailers have an arrant blueprint that enables maximum maneuverability and constancy on its cargo while on the highway.

ATV Ramps

Ramps are required to carry over the ATV from the trailer to the ground and vice versa. ATV ramps are convenient gears that help in efficient moving and securing of your vehicle. Ramps are available in different varieties (shapes, sizes, colors) and the price differs on its weight and length.

Safety Gears

The safety gears go without saying. Full face helmets for protection of the head, safety glasses or glares to protect the eyes, gloves and safety pads for protection of the hands, chest, knees and extremities. A kidney belt could be used to protect the internal organs and give a proper structure to the stomach and back while driving.

The storage container

These come in different varieties and are meant to be fitted around various parts of the ATV, be it the front or back as well as aboard the fenders. The common characteristics of these storage containers are that they are water proof, heavy duty and can be dismantled for convenience and safe usage.

Front Bumper

The front bumpers are used to reinforce the structure and integrity of the ATV especially when using it out in the wild. These add-ons allow a good deal of usefulness such as rending extra weight as well as have other objects with tent posts tied to them for additional storage.

Cab Enclosure

In order to protect your ATV from the erratic climatic conditions a cab enclosure is a must. It can be either a frame or a cabin cover. Pick out the most suitable covers that fit on your ATV.

Snow blade attachment

A snow plough made with corrugated steel proves to be useful when dealing with ungroomed, snowy conditions. Make sure to buy a snow plough which fits your ATV the best.

As the use of ATV’s are confined in many parts of the States one should be confident about the particulars required for one’s convenient use of the ATV. Safety should be the prime objective for the same.