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Things to consider when buying a Dirt Bike Motorcycle

When you are buying a new dirt bike motorcycle, you need to make sure that you are not making any hasty decisions and are informed of all the important aspects before making your purchase. One ill-advised decision could cost you dearly. If you are looking a dirt bike that suits your level of experience and maintains your budget while buying the same, you will need to consider some important points before you buy a new dirt bike motorcycle. When buying your first motorcycle, you need to find answers to the following five questions before making the final decision:

1. What is Your Experience Level?

When you are buying your first motorcycle and you have very limited experience in regards to dirt biking skill, you would be suggested to buy a motorcycle with low power engine. With limited experience riding, you would probably be advised to select a 250 cc engine bike rather than 500 cc engine bike since the engine with 250 cc has less power than 500 cc. It is highly recommended that a beginner should select an engine with low power engine or they are bound to harm the bike or themselves.

Higher power bikes may some time lead to an accident for an amateur since in this form of biking, the driving situations are never easy and they might get difficult to manage. Since the bigger the bike the higher the engine power, controlling the bike can be an issue. Buying a motorcycle that has more power than your experience level warrants may turn into a disaster. It is advisable for an amateur to buy a smaller bike with less power for their beginner level. You can always upgrade the bike once you have appropriate experience and are able to handle the tough situations that might arise due to the higher power engine.

2. What Bike Size are you Considering?

Dirt biking is all about power and size you control in your bike. This depends on your experience, height, size and age. A professional biker will be able to handle any size of bike with ease. However, if you are new to dirt biking you should consider to begin with low power bike as discussed above. To gain experience and become a pro you should gain self confidence in your driving skills, and that is gained by dirt biking on the motorcycle which would suit you most and the one you are most comfortable with as per your talent. Beginning with low power will mean you can try out the stunts without danger of running into big troubles. Once you are accustomed to you can upgrade your bike to higher cc.

Today, many young people think of dirt biking as a possible career interest at a very young age. To add to it they are also not very tall or heavy, making them unstable on a dirt bike. These teens should start their career by buying a small size bike to maintain safety.

The basic rule while driving is that the rider should be able to put their feet straight on the road without getting up from their seat. The weight of the bike should be controlled by them without any difficulty. The right dirt bike salesperson or private seller will be able to guide you into buying a bike that is right for your size.

3. Why are you Purchasing a Dirt Bike?

Whether it is for racing or just for show off, the deciding which type of bike to purchase will depend on WHY you are buying a bike. If it is for racing you will need to observe what the regular racers are using in the local races. You need to know the reason for choosing any specific manufacturer and their advantages above another. If you are going to buy a dirt bike for pleasure and luxury then you need to decide where you will be riding it? Whether on tracks or on the trails will factor in to which type of bike is best for the conditions you have in mind.

4. Which Bike is your Favorite?

Once you have decided on the size as well as type of the dirt bike motorcycles based on the above factors then you will need to decide on the manufacturer and the model of the bike. The best solution to selecting the model and manufacturer would be to take help of professional bikers or anyone who is using the same. You should choose a bike which has a good record and is trusted and reliable. When you are decided on the manufacturer, the next step is to select the model. As you have already finalized the size and style of the bike, the selection of model is not going to be a problem. While selecting the dirt bike of your dreams, you should be well informed about the availability of Dirt Bike Accessories, Dirt Bike Parts and Dirt Bike Grips for the particular manufacturer.

5. What is your Budget for the bike?

The dirt biking market is very competitive and hence when you look around getting ready to purchase your selected brand and model, you will find the best deal by negotiating the rates and in turn save a huge amount of money. Once you have selected the model and manufacturer, you will be needed to pay visit to more than one dealer to know the best offers available from them. You can check online about the going rates. If you find an attractive deal you can check the reputation of the buyer and if appealing you can make a deal online too.

By following the above 5 points we are sure that you will be able to make a swift and better deal for your new dirt bike purchase.