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1999-2004 Triumph Sprint ST (6 bolt) (Single) Front Brake Pads

1999-2004 Triumph Sprint ST (6 bolt) (Single) Front Brake Pads

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  • Volar Motorsport Brake Pads.
  • Designed for high performance riding experience.
  • Provide excellent stopping power without noise and rotor galling, even on polished rotors.
  • Fingertip control and strong, predictable brake response.
  • Material: Non-Sintered / Organic
  • Quantity: 4 Brake Pads per package
  • Position: Front
  • Fitment:
  • 1999-2004 Triumph Sprint ST (6 bolt front disc) (Single sided swing arm)
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Great deal

    I had ordered pad from sumo but they never came, I thought for the price
    I'll get these as a backup to higher quality pads. I put them in and see no reason
    to change them out (the Sumos eventually arrived) They work great! I have a close by back road where I can get up to
    70/90 mph and break hard as possible. These pads work very well, stable, predictable
    and progressive. I did this 6 time in a row and no fad at all. Very happy with them, I give
    a 5 star, but I don't know about wear yet. Note I paid $40 for rear EBC's and was about to
    pay nearly $80 for fronts, fortunately I have now learned to avoid that colossal rip off for the
    rest of my riding days. GO D2MOTO

    frustrated customer

    Well, I'd love to be able to review the parts I purchased on the 14th Jan.but it's now the 27th and have not received them as of yet.I called the number provided on your site on the 20th to see where my parts were and the gal I spoke to informed me that USPS said I had an undeliverable address and that parts were being shipped back to you and that until they showed up nothing could be done and that I would have to pay for re-shipping.she then told me that she would call once the parts came back.i didnt hear anything that whole week so called back today the 27th and after explaining everything again to the gal and just saying I wanted a refund after being put on hold several times while she figured out what was going on, she came back and said that she would send the parts again at no additional charge this one time. I agreed so now I wait again,hopefully I will receive this week since I am also in California. I do not find you at fault for the postal service not delivering the first time but the ball was definitely dropped on your end when the parts came back to you.i usually get my parts from Cyclegear, Chaparral or Motorcycle super store but decided to try you based on your seemingly good prices. So once I get the parts I will definitely let you know what I think, shipping problems aside.