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2004-2005 Honda CBR1000RR Sintered HH Front & Rear Brake Pads


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  • Volar Motorsport Sintered HH Brake Pads.
  • Provide excellent stopping power without noise and rotor galling, even on polished rotors.
  • Fingertip control and strong, predictable brake response.
  • Material: Sintered HH
  • Quantity: 6 Brake Pads per package
  • Position: Front and Rear
  • Fitment:
  • 2004-2005 Honda CBR 1000 RR
  • Customer Reviews

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    Jay Henderson J.H. Jay H.
    Great quality

    Great from start to finish! Awesome product for the price! The only negative I had was the back brake pads didn't fit for my bike and I know it's a 2005 CBR1000RR. With that being said I picked up a back set at a local store. "Cycle gear". No big deal but I thought you guys might want to know this type info for the next customer. It was actually a 2006 rear brake pad set.worked perfectly.but thank you for your site. I will be back. I need front rotors, mine are warped.