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Motion Pro Chain Breaker Press and Riveting Tool 08-0467 - D2Moto

Motion Pro Chain Breaker Press and Riveting Tool 08-0467

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  • Motion Pro Chain Breaker.
  • Complete chain tool for most 520, 525, 530 standard and O-ring chains.
  • Break, press and rivet chain with one compact tool.
  • Will rivet hollow nose master links (will not rivet solid soft-nose pins).
  • Will push pin completely through link/side plate.
  • Hardened body, riveting tip and breaker pin for strength and durability.
  • Removable handle for compact storage.
  • Perfect for trail/road tool pack if you have a chain with a rivet master link
  • Customer Reviews

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    Motion Pro Chain Breaker Press and Riveting Tool

    Great tool for your average gear head.

    Mine broke too Grumpy!!!!!!!!

    Good product @ a fair price. . Mine broke same as Grumpys did..I fixed mine the same way!!! I still give 5 stars. Nice to have a machine shop!!

    Effective and good for the price

    The motion pro press/break/rivet tool comes with good instructions and everything necessary to remove and replace your chain. I've used mine twice and on the second use I actually broke the anvil used to rivet the new link. The part that comes with the tool appears to be 2 pieces that are pressed together. When mine broke I took the broken piece to work and made a solid piece out of steel on the lathe. After modification this tool should last a long time.